Paul Vineyard



"Are you ready for this walk?" Paul asks.



Paul is great at not ever showing much emotion. Those that know him well know he is generally happy but he hardly ever shows sadness, anger or other emotions. He is never seen crying even when he gets hurt or something bad happens. He just prefers to use his time being productive and cultivate love and success in his little world. He can be found taking charge when no one else is there to do it. He typically takes turns with Gracie on who will be the leader of their play time. He doesn’t know what he wants to be when he grows up but he really admires the police and politicians because they can lead and are seen as tough guys. He doesn’t like to fight. He wants to be tough mentally and emotionally. Paul loves to eat healthy and enjoys salads and soups. He downs his vegetables and fruits. He likes to have a burger once in a while but when it comes to meat, he prefers chicken and fish. His all-time favorite is crab meat on spinach salad or crab soup.

6W5 The Guardian


Basic Fear

Sixes with five wings are afraid of losing their guidance and stability. This is often expressed through their skepticism of the world.

Basic Desire

They have a strong desire for security, which they tend to show by protecting themselves and others. They seek close and stable relationships.

Guardians tend to defend themselves by projecting their own feelings onto others, which can often enhance their distrust of the world.

Biological Information


Sex: Male

Age: 10

Birthday: April 2nd

Physical Description


Height: 4'10"

Hair color: Brown

Eye Color: Hazel

Favorite Clothing Style: Red shorts, blue tshirt, black flipflops.



Paul is stoic. He rarely shows emotion and is never seen crying.


Enneagram: 6W5


He is a Christian and follows the Independent Fundamental Baptists. He believes having a personal relationship with the Lord God Jesus Christ.


He gets A's with the occasional B in the 5th grade.

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