Mark Salazar


"I promise guys, no more lies,

to you all or to my mom." Mark said.


Mark comes from a split home with his parents divorced and splits his time between home with his mom and his dad. He was just a baby when his parents separated, but he still resents not having a dad in his life full time. He enjoys having two sets of gifts for Christmas and birthdays. His favorite food is lasagna. He loves any kind of pasta but lasagna is his favorite. He enjoys basketball and football, basically all sports containing a ball. Mark and his mom moved to Heritage, New Mexico after his dad left his mom and divorced her. His mom wanted a fresh start after being left with basically nothing as she was a stay at home mom and lost the family home. In the recent years his dad moved to town in attempt to be in his life but still doesn't treat his mom well, which creates a hostile environment when his parents are in the same room for his sake. This causes him to have an crappy attitude.

8W7 The Nonconformist


Basic Fear

Eight with a seven wing fear being controlled by others. They dislike authority and prefer to work alone.

Basic Desire

Their basic desire is to remain in control of their own lives. They also want other people to be free, and are often advocates for those less able.

Nonconformists defend themselves by denying vulnerability. They don’t want to appear weak and therefore avoid situations that may leave them exposed or defenseless.

Biological Information


Sex: Male

Age: 9

Birthday: March 22nd

Physical Description


Height: 4'6"

Hair color: Black

Eye Color: Green

Favorite Clothing Style: Green shorts, yellow t-shirt, black slip ons.



Mark is a little rebel. He is always getting himself into some kind of trouble.


Enneagram: 8W7


He is a Christian and follows the Independent Fundamental Baptists. He believes having a personal relationship with the Lord God Jesus Christ.


He gets B's, C's, and even an occasional D in the 5th grade.

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