Hannah Smith


"Andrew, Paul, guys, we have to help Mark. He hurt himself!" Hannah screamed.



Hannah enjoys having her grandparents living with her and her parents. Her mom's parents lost their home to a fire a few years ago, and now live with them in the spare room. Her grandma cooks really well and makes all the goodies she enjoys eating like cakes and cookies and tortillas and dinner rolls. She has a weakness for carbs. She loves anything bread including pastas. She even brings goodies for her friends and teacher. Hannah is the oldest of two children, her brother being a toddler at three years old stays home most of the time. Hannah enjoys riding bicycles with her friends and going to the park. She has a good time learning about Jesus at church and going to school. She is definitely the one that talks the most out of her friends and is always happy and excited about something with a great bubbly attitude. Her favorite thing to do at home is to read her books. She enjoys adventure books and anything in nature. She loves the fall time, right before it gets too cold, when her family always goes camping in the mountains.

4W3 The Enthusiast


Basic Fear

Four wing threes’ deepest fear is that they have no significance in the world. They tend to express this by frequently distinguishing themselves from the rest of the world.

Basic Desire

They desire uniqueness and personal identity. They long to be authentically different, which may lead them to intense bouts of creativity and self-expression.

Enthusiasts may defend themselves by unconsciously adapting characteristics of others to seem more authentic.

Biological Information


Sex: Female

Age: 9

Birthday: December 5th

Physical Description


Height: 4'4"

Hair color: Blonde

Eye Color: Blue

Favorite Clothing Style: Dark pink skirt, light pink t-shirt, black flats



Hannah is pretty bubbly. It is hard to get her down as she is always positive and happy. She is a bit too talkative.

Enneagram: 4W3


She is a Christian and follows the Independent Fundamental Baptists. She believes having a personal relationship with the Lord God Jesus Christ.


She gets A's and B's in the 5th grade.

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