Gracie Marquez


After Gracie went down the slide she said, "Moms always know. He will get caught."



Gracie comes from a traditional family with a married mom and dad from birth. She is an only child of her parents and is treated like a princess, yet she is disciplined properly, not being spoiled too much. She gets what she wants when it is feasible and not causing her to be ungrateful. With being given chores and responsibilities, such as cleaning her room, helping with the dishes and keeping her bathroom and living room tidy, it has given her the sense of integrity, initiative, and responsibility. This has caused her to grow a leadership personality. Gracie loves taking care of her friends and guiding them to do the right things at the end of the day. Her desire is to see all her friends go to church with her and trust Jesus. She is a born leader and always takes charge when there is no guidance in what the friends want to do or play. She loves her gold fish that she has named Gloria because she said “Oh Glory” when she finally got her fish after asking for a fish for nearly a year.  Gloria is a Fantail goldfish.

3W2 The Enchanter


Basic Fear

Enneagram type three wing twos are afraid of failing and being unworthy of love. They avoid this by setting and accomplishing goals, in order to feel successful and worthy.

Basic Desire

Their basic desire is to be admired and accepted. They seek value through accomplishment, which may push them deeper into their work.

Enchanters tend to adjust their persona to their audience, in order to feel as though they are easily liked, which may lead to playing a character rather than being themselves.

Biological Information


Sex: Female

Age: 10

Birthday: September 24th

Physical Description


Height: 4'6"

Hair color: Red

Eye Color: Blue

Favorite Clothing Style: Blue jean skirt and pink t-shirt with purple tennis shoes.



Gracie is outgoing and shows leadership qualities within her group of friends. She loves to help others and knows how they feel and what they need.

Enneagram: 3W2


She is a Christian and follows the Independent Fundamental Baptists. She believes having a personal relationship with the Lord God Jesus Christ.


She gets all A's in the 5th grade.

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