Martin Marquez



"Learning is built on listening.

Excitement is built on anticipation.

Success is built on failures.

Life is built on living.

Make sure you live for the right reasons.

Mine is built upon the

Lord Jesus Christ."

-Martin A. Marquez Jr.



Martin Marquez currently resides in the beautiful state of New Mexico. He is a faithful member of Bella Vista Baptist Church, and enjoys serving the Lord God in different ministries. He enjoys being a friend and helping anyone he can, even if just to listen to people, and give any advice he can. His hobbies are woodworking, writing, painting, reading and other crafts. His favorite thing to do is spending time with friends and family. He is an Army veteran who served honorably for nine years and has three combat deployments overseas to the Middle East. He has gone through some pretty tough times in his life, but allows God to rule his heart and change him, as he prays for peace and wisdom to help others he also prays for humbleness to keep some humility in his life. He did not grow up in church, so his first thirty-four years of life were rough and has given him experiences to where he can relate to others in distress. This has allowed him the sympathy and understanding to give advice to those in similar situations. With prayer, time in the Bible, and experience he desires to help anyone in need. With his books he plans to teach children and adults some good life lessons and values they may or may not get elsewhere. With his big heart he enjoys being kind and serviceable to others.


He began writing stories in Elementary school in literature class and enjoyed releasing his imagination to paper. The more he wrote the more his creativity grew. In middle school he had poems published in the Truman Middle School poem book. At the age of 15 he began writing his first novel from a dream he had at the age of 5. This novel was written by hand in a notebook and once the 100 pages were filled he started transferring to a Word document at an internet café. Unfortunately he lost the notebook and diskette. While in Iraq, during his free time he started writing his novel again and then again in Afghanistan and any free time at home in the States. He had to re-start his book a few times due to external hard drive crashes. Around 2015 he began writing again after getting out of the Army. He then began saving his book in multiple locations as well as online to prevent loss.

In 2018 Martin decided that the direction his life was going was now in a different route. He hasn’t finished his first novel as of (2019) release of his website. He began writing for God and taking his big heart and desire to help people and counsel those in need, he began writing Bible based self-help books and a children’s picture book series that teaches little life lessons and values kids can learn. His world has become simply just speaking with his daughter as often as possible and serving Jesus Christ his Lord.

Martin is a fundamental independent Baptist and attends church services several times a week at church. All this means is that the Bible is the basis for his beliefs and behaviors. He enjoys serving in different ministries. He helps out with the retirement home ministry, an usher working the hallways and parking lot and also goes door knocking, soul winning and inviting people to LAM (lighthouse addiction ministries). He loves his church family and loves serving God.

Sadly he is divorced and has a daughter that lives in Michigan with her mom. He lives for his baby girl but doesn’t get to see her very much. He doesn’t let that affect his life though, at least not any more. For a while he was pretty depressed over the loss of his wife and daughter in the divorce and custody battle but with God in his corner he has overcome depression. He uses all his experiences in life to find ways to learn something so he can teach others how to live better, happier and not learn things the hard way. He had attended college for Social Work to be a counselor but never finished. He has many credits in different degree programs and no degree because he wanted a vast array of knowledge to help everyone he can help.  

Biological Information


Sex: Male

Age: 37

Birthday: July 15, 1982

Physical Description


Height: 5'0"

Hair color: Red

Eye Color: Brown

Favorite Clothing Style: Suits or slick jeans and collared button up shirts with a fadora and silver watch



Martin is an introvert but loves helping others. He enjoys being a blessing and cares more about others then himself.

Myers Briggs: INFJ

Enneagram: 2W1


He is a Christian and follows the Independent Fundamental Baptists. He believes in having a personal relationship with the Lord God Jesus Christ.

Education/ Employment

He has some college but never completed a degree program.

He is a disabled Army veteran just writing books when his ailments allow him.

Important Relationships

He has a daughter that he does his best to stay in contact with. That is very important to him.

He speaks with and hangs out with his grandma a lot, as well as fellowships with those from church.

2W1 The Companion


Basic Fear

Enneagram type two-wing-ones fear being unwanted by those they love. They tend to take on a caretaker role to serve others and avoid feelings of insecurity.

Basic Desire

They desire love and acceptance above all else. They are service-oriented and humble, seeking to help better the lives of those in their community.

Companions tend to stifle and repress their negative emotions and personal desires. They may feel internally conflicted as they work to meet everyone else’s needs but their own.

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